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ABOUT OTAN TRAINING: Workshop Descriptions

Workshop title Google Tools and Drive 
Workshop description

This hands-on workshop is the first in, what can be, a series that introduces different aspects of Google and how to use its tools in adult education. Demonstration, as well as hands-on time, will be included for tools that may include: Calendar, Translate and phrasebook, Maps and Engine, Classroom, and the entire Google EDU (aka GSuites). The collaborative aspects of Google Drive will be explored including creating, uploading and sharing documents, slides, forms, sheets and drawings. Different approaches to sharing with colleagues and/or students will be highlighted as well as how to import and export different file formats and organize and search for files and folders.

Google is ever changing - and this workshop follows suit! If you have attended this workshop in the past, it will be differerent now to reflect new and current Google Tools and Drive features.

Prerequisites: All participants must

  • have a Google account (public or GSuites)
  • know their SIgn In credentials (ID/PWD)
  • have basic computer skills (if you know how to "click it" you qualify)
Public Google accounts can be created at http://gmail.google.com or directly using https://accounts.google.com.
GSuite EDU accounts are created and distributed by a site network - check with your administrator if you're not sure if you have a GSuites account.

Session length 3 hours 
Format Workshops: Training events at a physical location, of short duration (2 – 6 hours) but may be part of a series. 
Upcoming sessions
WHERE: Fremont Adult and Cont. Education WHEN: Friday, 09/21/2018 @ 12:30 PM REGISTER External link opens in new window or tab
Upcoming sessions
WHERE: William M. Maguy School of Education WHEN: Friday, 10/19/2018 @ 9:00 AM REGISTER External link opens in new window or tab

To find out more about any of these workshops, including dates and times offered, please check the California Adult Education Professional Development Web site. This site has information on OTAN offered training, as well as training offered by CALPRO and CASAS.

Face-to-Face Workshop Requirements:

  • The lab must contain at least one computer for every individual enrolled in a class - including the instructor.
  • The Internet connection must be at least a T1 line.
  • All computers being used must have Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 20 or later and Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 or later.
  • OTAN’s Web site and its contents must be accessible on every computer used during a class.
  • The instructor’s computer station should be connected to an LCD projector and the room will need a screen for class viewing. (If a projector and/or instructor station is not available, OTAN can provide them).
  • At least 10 participants must have completed the online registration 10 business days prior to the workshop.
  • All Microsoft Office workshops require the correct version of Office to be installed on all computers in the lab to be used.
  • Various workshops will require unblocked access to necessary Web sites.