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1. Please briefly state what your project or goals were in the area of technology.

  • To increase use of technology in classroom and to expose students to new websites and web-based learning.
  • My mentor wanted to get my class into the 20th century. She ordered a Smartboard for my classroom. Before I used the Smartboard she asked me to go to a one day training, which was invaluable. Then when I set it up she came over to help me start using it. Now I am off like lightening. I use it every day, and the best thing of all, other teachers are interested in it.
  • My goal was to learn how to create a Power Point.
  • My goal was to have access to a new computer which would allow me to refer students to helpful websites and to use for research at my desk. I also wanted to become more proficient in the use of an updated computer and programs.
  • To get a new computer for my work station and allow students access to various websites for tutorials and make educational software programs available to all students.
  • To upgrade equipment. To expand studnet use of technology on new equipment. To enhance student learning with new and relevant ideas.
  • 1. Getting and new and updated computer and learing how to use it. Setting up my Printer. Having someome available to help me with trouble shooting.
  • To increase the use and efficiency of technology by staff in our adult school.
  • To develop technology in our academic programs.
  • My goals in the area of technology are to learn more and be able to share new learning resources with my adult ESL students.
  • To use Photo Story in the class. To use it with my Low Beginning students.
  • My goal was to learn something new in technology to be able to use in my classroom.
  • Technology is exciting to me. I'm always looking forward to learning any new stuff.
  • I wanted to become more informed as well as comfortable in technology in my work area as well as at home in my personal computer aventures.
  • Setting-up the online projection project, organizing administration to order new computers for the independent study teachers, helping the teachers transfer information from the old computers and setting up the new computers, trouble-shooting daily issues with computers
  • To be able to receive and send e-mail by way of Outlook. To create a PowerPoint presentation to use as part of a lesson.
  • Identify and use internet resources to enhence teaching/learning objectives. Specifically, I wanted to use videos to introduce and re-enforce materials for my multi-level writing class and my intermediate high ESL class.
  • My goal is to familiarize myself with technology so that I might assist students not only to increase their English skills, but to increase their comfort zone with technology. I also want to assist teachers with projects that they may want to accomplish with their classes, and to offer suggestions in regard to software and technology to further enhance their experiences with technology both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Become more familiar with Powerpoint presentations, especially incorporating sound into a presentation and transfering presentations from one computer to another. Make a class web page.
  • Goals: 1. Video tape ESL students speaking English. 2. Put the video into a Power Point. 3. Have a rolling transcript of the conversation next to the video. 4. The Power Point should give the viewer the option to remove the transcript from view.
  • this and that
  • To learn how to use a computer.
  • To better facilitate the teaching process.
  • to learn more about using a camera in class and making web pages
  • My goals were to use the following technology in preforming my duties as counselor: - powerpoint presentations - internet research - organize and manage files on Outlook - use the Smartboard - spreadsheets - mail merges for diplomas - introduce CD portfolios to students - use google calendar
  • SmartBoard training