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Teaching with Technology - Resource Description

College for Adults


ABE: Adult Basic Education

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required

http://www.collegeforadults.org/ new window
Computer(s), Internet access

Example Document(s)

College for Adults
College for Adults

Activity Description

The site guides adults through the whole college process - applying to school, taking college placements tests, setting career and educational goals, picking majors, etc. It is an excellent resource for individual students as well as adult secondary classroom activities. Topics include career planning, applying to college, financial planning, brushing up on academic skills, and more resources on how to be successful in college. Use the Example Document, College for Adults to guide students through the Web site and give them a place to note important things they discover.


  1. Explore the Web site.
  2. Print the Example Document, College for Adults (above) worksheet. Students can use it to record what they learn as they explore the site.
  3. Download and print worksheets found on the Web site to assign. (See the "How to" section below for location of the worksheets.)
  4. Prepare vocabulary list of unfamiliar words.


  1. On the topic of Career Planning use the worksheets available under Resources > Links and Worksheets. You will need to scroll down the page to find them. They include:
    Career and Education Planning Worksheet [.doc]
    Jobs Values Inventory [.doc]
    Occupational Exploration worksheet [.doc]
    Skills Identification [.doc]
    Things I Have Done [.doc]
  2. This topic is vast and will take several weeks to explore.
  3. Have students use the links on the Web site to expand their exploration. Hand out the Example Document, College for Adults. Students can use it as a place to record things they learn as they explore the site.

Teacher Tips

The reading level is about 7th or 8th grade, but if you can download the audio software BrowseAloud there is audio support and students can listen to the text being read aloud. You will find the link to this software on the home page in the last paragraph.

More Ways

Under Resources > Links and Worksheets you will find a lot of excellent information useful for your college bound student. One worksheet, Campus Map Checklist, identifies places students should find on the campus and tells them what they will find there.






Community Resources
2.5 Use community agencies and services
2.8 Understand how to access and use educational systems and services
4.1 Understand basic principles of getting a job
Learning and Thinking Skills
7.2 Demonstrate ability to use critical thinking skills
7.7 Demonstrate the ability to use information and communication technology