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Adult Education: Edtech's Next Act of Disruption

Posted on 08/22/2016

In his August 8, 2016 article, Kevin Bauman posits that: “Despite its 'basic' image, adult education possesses the right set of circumstances to realize the promise of modern education and to illustrate the classic theory of disruptive innovation, where some are willing and able to use alternative pathways to forge more efficient and effective solutions to education. These approaches include both curricular and technology innovations.

There are many reasons why the adult education sector is ripe for innovation. Unlike the K–12 space, adult education has fewer vested interests, less legislation controlling it, and fewer regulations to navigate in order to adopt new policies and practices.

Since most adults are busy with work and family obligations, adult learners typically need flexibility in timing of coursework; they are also open to online learning as an alternative to face-to-face learning. Adult ed providers can offer nontraditional hours of operation and use blended or strictly online learning and self-paced coursework to serve their adult students.”

The author goes on to detail how “adult education has already embraced several types of innovations that have benefited adult students as learners and set the sector as a solid example of edtech disruptor.”

Bauman provides examples including partnerships, as well as use of smart phones and online content.

Source: Educase Review: The Inside Line, Adult Education: Edtech's Next Act of Disruption by Kevin Bauman, Monday, August 8, 2016 External link opens in new window or tab