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New CALPRO course: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Posted on 07/07/2016

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Critical thinking skills are needed across the curriculum and in every subject area. They are survival skills in our complex world and are required for success in employment and further education. In CALPRO's newest self-directed online course, "Teaching Critical Thinking Skills," you can learn how to help your students become better critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers.

  • Teaching Critical Thinking Skills course description
    Through multimedia presentations, reflection and interactive activities in this course, you will learn specific techniques to help students move beyond simple knowledge to greater understanding of what you are teaching. You will also review the basic steps to problem solving and decision-making, and explore strategies for helping your students apply critical thinking to their lives both in and out of the classroom.
  • The course contains up to 12 hours of self–study materials. Participants may choose to do as few or as many units as they wish. Participants log on when convenient and work on their own, without a facilitator or other participants. Individuals may decide to join colleagues from their school or agency and move through the course together, supporting each other in their professional development.
  • To register for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills, visit CALPRO's Course Catalog External link opens in new window or tab page, the CALPRO Event Calendar External link opens in new window or tab, or the CA Adult Ed Training calendar External link opens in new window or tab
  • For more details about CALPRO's self-directed courses, visit our Self-Directed Online Course External link opens in new window or tab page.