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How can schools benefit from Open Educational Resources?

Posted on 06/30/2016

In a recent blog post, Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation at Future Ready Schools, summarizes his online conversation with Andy Marcinek External link opens in new window or tab, Chief Open Education Advisor at the US Department of Education (ED), to explore how schools can benefit from Open Educational Resources (OERs) and what is being done in this area nationwide.

With support from ED, state leaders, and new platforms for curation and discovery, there has never been a more exciting time to rethink traditional, static instructional materials. Open Education Resources were the highlight of this Future Ready webinar as they align to the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment gear of the Future Ready Framework External link opens in new window or tab. From equity, to cost, to teacher empowerment, many benefits of open resources exist.

View the Webinar and learn more about where district leaders interested in open education should begin.

Source: Future Ready Schools Blog post, Open Education Resources: Where do I begin? External link opens in new window or tab