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Common Sense Education: Bytes & Bites: A Community Dinner Guide About Digital Life

Posted on 06/17/2016

Looking for a way to bring families in your community together and have interesting, relevant conversations about social media and technology? Host a Community Media Dinner! Invite families to join an evening filled with adults and kids sharing perspectives, discussing hot topics, and learning more about each other’s experiences. Parents crave opportunities to have fun and engaging discussions with kids, especially when they’re related to digital life. And kids are eager to share their opinions -- especially when adults ask relevant questions and convey genuine interest. Family dinner is a perfect time for these conversations. Plus, having an enjoyable and meaningful conversation over dinner is a great reminder of how valuable it is to sit down together.

Use this guide External link opens in new window or tab to bring a Community Media Dinner to your school. It’s packed with field-tested activities and tips from Common Sense Education and the Family Dinner Project to ensure you have everything you need to make your event a success. This handbook includes:

  • An overview of the evening’s flow and activities
  • Logistics for hosting a Community Media Dinner

Source: Common Sense Education June 1, 2016 news page External link opens in new window or tab