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Digital Promise: How to Crowdsource Quality Resources for Adult Learners

Posted on 06/13/2016

Digital Promise

In the May 20, 2016 article, Jennifer Maddrell, the founder of Designers for Learning External link opens in new window or tab, describes their crowdsourcing effort to develop free open educational resources (OER) for adults with low math and literacy skills. This was done as a massive open online course (MOOC) on Canvas Network and sought out an all-volunteer team of designers, facilitators, and subject matter experts. Maddrell also states that over 1,500 people from around the world registered for the course — and, to date, are actively engaged in creating free, open resources for adult learners.

According to Maddrell, “this MOOC was both a professional development opportunity for those interested in instructional design, and a platform to design solutions to support the forgotten millions in our country in need of educational support. In the end, MOOC participants offered their service contributions to a grossly underserved educational segment of adult learners, and left the experience with an appreciation of who these adult learners are as people versus statistics.”

Maddarell also lists the four key factors for the success of this project:

  • Use a real-world instructional challenge
  • Create a clear design guide
  • Introduce open licensing
  • Create and understanding of the learners

Learn more about the success factors and the impact in this great Digital Promise article.

Source: Digital Promise Adult Learning Blog post External link opens in new window or tab on May 20, 2016 by Jennifer Maddrell