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Online Health Resources for Low Level Readers

Posted on 05/18/2016

In the May Web-based Activity article Debbie Jensen writes "One skill we want to share with our students is the ability to access health information and understand what they read. The problem is that often health advice and information is written at a high reading level. What can we do? Here are low literacy health resources and activities to use in your ABE, ESL, or ASE classroom."

You will see an alphabetic listing of health articles on many health topics. Note that on the right you can switch to Spanish translation.

Here are several ways you can use this site.

  • You can search for an article you want to share with your class.
  • You can share the site with the class, then have them decide on topics they would like to study and share what they learn with the other students.
  • You can assign topics for students to summarize.

You can find step-by-step instructions and ideas for activities in the May Web-based Activity article External link opens in new window or tab