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Adult Education Week to be April 3-9, 2016

Posted on 03/04/2016

SCR 116, was introduced on March 1, 2016 by the California Senator Tony Mendoza (D), Representing District 32.

This bill would proclaim the week of April 3, 2016, to April 9, 2016, inclusive, as Adult Education Week, and would honor the teachers, administrators, classified staff, and students of adult education programs statewide for their efforts, persistence, and accomplishments.

The full text follows and can be found the CaptiolTrack page External link opens in new window or tab about the bill.

— 1—

  1.     WHEREAS, The week of April 3, 2016, to April 9, 2016,
  2. inclusive, is observed as "Adult Education Week," recognizing
  3. the unique accomplishments of California adult schools; and
  4.     WHEREAS, The Legislature acknowledges that adult schools
  5. that are provided by K-12 school districts offer quality programs
  6. to meet the ever-changing economic and workforce development
  7. and lifelong learning needs of our diverse state; and
  8.     WHEREAS, The first recorded adult education class in
  9. California was held in the basement of St. Mary's Cathedral in
  10. San Francisco in 1856. The class was authorized by the San
  11. Francisco Board of Education to teach English to Irish, Italian,
  12. and Chinese immigrants. John Swett, who was the first volunteer
  13. teacher for the class, later became a Superintendent of Public
  14. Instruction; and
  15.     WHEREAS, Adult schools, which work in collaboration with
  16. community centers and libraries, are a primary community resource
  17. for the teaching and instruction of adult literacy; and

— 2 —

  1.     WHEREAS, Adult schools provide a way for adults to complete
  2. secondary-education studies and obtain a high school diploma or
  3. its equivalent at their own pace and to prepare for and transition
  4. to postsecondary education and career training; and
  5.     WHEREAS, Adult schools provide critical opportunities to
  6. bring recent dropouts back to school; and
  7.     WHEREAS, Adult schools provide instruction to those in the
  8. state who need English as a second language and citizenship
  9. courses and play a key role in immigrant integration and the path
  10. to United States citizenship, which is important for our diverse
  11. community during this time of immigration reform; and
  12.     WHEREAS, Adult schools, which recognize that we must focus
  13. on educating parents in order to break the cycle of illiteracy and
  14. to support educational equity for all our children, provide programs
  15. in family literacy at elementary schools in conjunction with
  16. community-based organizations; and
  17.     WHEREAS, Historically, adult schools have been called on to
  18. assist the state as it dealt with significant social, political, and
  19. economic issues, such as providing job training programs during
  20. the Great Depression and training for skilled and underskilled
  21. workers during World War II; and
  22.     WHEREAS, Adult schools provide short-term career and
  23. technical training for adults seeking changes or enhancements in
  24. their career pathways; and
  25.     WHEREAS, Adult schools offer varied, market-based education
  26. programs to enhance the lifelong learning opportunities in the
  27. state; and
  28.     WHEREAS, In 2015, the Legislature and Governor Edmund
  29. G. Brown Jr. saved California adult schools from the brink of
  30. closure by establishing the Adult Education Block Grant program
  31. that is helping to restore access and programming for adult learners
  32. with planning and collaboration on a regional scale; now, therefore,
  33. be it
  34. Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly
  35. thereof concurring, That the Legislature proclaims the week of
  36. April 3, 2016, to April 9, 2016, inclusive, as Adult Education
  37. Week, and that teachers, administrators, classified staff, and
  38. students of adult education programs statewide be honored for
  39. their efforts, persistence, and accomplishments; and be it further

— 3—

  1. Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this
  2. resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.