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Slideware Options for Making Great Presentations

Posted on 01/19/2016

In the January Web-based Activity article Kristi Reyes writes that "Microsoft PowerPoint has become ubiquitous as the presentation software (slideware) for presentations from the boardroom to the classroom. However, there are many free alternatives to PowerPoint that teachers and students can use to add variety to the presentation experience, for both the user and viewers, and best practices for using slideshows to accompany presentations."

Benefits of using slideshows, especially for delivery of content, are numerous. These include the following:

  • Appeal to multiple learning styles (lecture accompanied by visual), which help students concentrate and follow the lecture; present information graphically
  • Ability for students to view again, if the slideshow is provided online, at their own pace, thus individualizing the learning
  • Chance to engage students by including interaction, humor, wonder, questioning strategies that complement the slideshow
  • Can incorporate links to online content, including sources, extra reading, online practice or quizzes, or practice; link or embed video

You can find step-by-step instructions and ideas for activities in the January Web-based Activity article External link opens in new window or tab