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A report shows School Internet Speeds Improved for 20 Million US Students

Posted on 12/17/2015

On November 18, 2015 The Education Superhighway announced the release of their first annual 2015 State of the States External link opens in new window or tab report on Internet connectivity in America’s K-12 public schools. According to Evan Marwell, “the report shows, in the last two years tremendous progress has been made, an additional 20 million students have been connected. Moreover, 38 governors External link opens in new window or tab across the country have stepped up and committed to finishing the job of connecting the 21 million students who still don’t have the speeds they need.”

The Education Superhighway identified three main actions governors and state leaders must take to finish the job:

  • Provide every school with access to fiber. States can leverage the $1 billion of federal funding available over the next three years through the FCC to provide every school across the U.S. with access to fiber. To meet federal connectivity goals, 92 percent of schools will need a fiber optic connection.
  • Make bandwidth affordable. A continued focus on affordability, with a goal of lowering the cost of Internet access to $3 per Mbps, can enable another 12 million students across the country to utilize technology in the classroom.
  • Provide every classroom with robust Wi-Fi. With over $3 billion of FCC funding for Wi-Fi connections available over the next four years, every school district should be able to upgrade its Wi-Fi to enable one-to-one digital learning in its classrooms.

The report and details are available on the Education Superhighway Web site.


Announcing the 2015 State of the States report on school broadband connectivity, By Evan Marwell.2015.(accessed December 15, 2015.)

http://www.educationsuperhighway.org/announcing-the-2015-state-of-the-states-report-on-school-broadband-connectivity/ External link opens in new window or tab