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Healthy Family Habits - NCFL's newest family-learning resource

Posted on 09/24/2015

Healty Family Habits

NCFL announced the launch of Healthy Family Habits External link opens in new window or tab, an online resource dedicated to providing families with real-world ways to establish and hone healthy habits. This new (and completely free) set of materials offers step-by-step guides and downloadable resources for community organizations seeking support in planning and hosting health-literacy events for families.

Healthy Family Habits also includes interactive features designed to help families facilitate at-home conversations about health and generate ideas for implementing healthful activities. [All resources are available in English and Spanish.]

Healthy Family Habits resources include:

For Families

  • Downloadable family-friendly recipes and resources
  • Fun activities and book recommendations to motivate your family to get moving and stay healthy
  • Mealtime discussion starters to inspire at-home healthy-lifestyle conversations

For Schools and Programs

  • A how-to guide for hosting four intergenerational events with five family-oriented activity stations
  • Facilitator's implementation guide and downloadable take-home materials for families

Find out more at http://familieslearning.org/health/index.html External link opens in new window or tab.