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Teaching Channel: Growth Mindset Made Visible

Posted on 08/28/2015

Growth Mindset

In an August 14, 2015 post External link opens in new window or tab Tchers' Voice blog contributor, Carissa Romero, writes about two videos that show mindset practices in action. These are both examples of elementary school teachers applying the strategies, however the underling philosophy is applicable to adult learners as well.

Mindset External link opens in new window or tab is a concept put forth by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck backed by decades of research on achievement and success.

"People with a fixed mindset believe intelligence is innate. This belief can make school a threatening place. It becomes a place to go to learn how smart you are — or how smart you're not," writes Romero. "People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, believe intelligence can be developed. For these students, school can be an exciting place, as it provides them with an opportunity to learn and develop their intelligence.

"Numerous studies detail what happens when students have a growth mindset, but even when research tells us which practices help students develop a growth mindset, many educators still want to know what it looks like in the classroom.

Read more and view two videos of mindset practices in action on the TeachingChannel Web site External link opens in new window or tab.