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Microsoft launching Lit4Life and the Chekhov Story Author App

Posted on 06/24/2015

Chekhov Story Author

If you are a member of LINCS Community Groups for Disabilities in Adult Education or Technology and Learning, you may have read the post by Michael Cruse External link opens in new window or tab about Microsoft's two new literacy projects.

According to the Web site "Literacy For Life is a global initiative, building sustainable solutions to address illiteracy amongst both adults and children which are relevant, appropriate to local language and culture, which can scale to meet the size of the challenge."

There is further explanation to "Use the Chekhov tool External link opens in new window or tab to write and record a dynamic eBook which can be used by learners across the globe to develop their literacy skills anytime, anywhere - even when there is no literate adult available to assist them."

The Chekhov story author tool for creating dynamic e-books is being made available through Skype in the classroom, reaching classrooms around the globe to help students write their own stories, share it with friends and family around the world and most importantly allow others the opportunity to learn how to read.

Chekhov team members will teach a Skype class through the process of creating a book – from inputting text and images, to voice recording, as well as what to do once the book is finished.

Find out more and sign-up at Skype in the Classroom External link opens in new window or tab.

And please keep LINCS group moderators Michael Cruse and David Rosen posted if you use this resource to get you and your students started on Chekhov.