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May Revise - Stability, Certainty, Identity...Progress

Posted on 05/26/2015

May Revise

In a recent message to members of the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) and the California Adult Education Administrators Association (CAEAA), Legislative Analyst Dawn Koepke stated that she is, "pleased with what we've accomplished together these past few years." She was referring to the preservation of adult education in the state.

"When I began working with CCAE and CAEAA we were facing utter elimination and transfer to the community college system," writes Koepke. "And here we are…just three budget proposals and May Revises later…stability, certainty, preserved identity…access for our students.

In January, when Gov. Jerry Brown presented his budget proposal for FY 15-16, the adult education community voiced "a number of outstanding concerns and issues that needed to be addressed." Adult educators were able to move the Governor to make changes in the May Revision "that would strengthern the good foundation" of the initial proposal. Every one of the concerns were addressed, according to Koepke, "resulting in an incredible plan."

The revised budget:

  • Solidifies the maintenance of effort for adult schools for FY 15-16 and ensures base funding in out years for certainty in school district budgeting and stability for adult schools
  • Sets an allocation schedule and process to help ensure stability for adult schools as LEAs develop their budgets each year
  • ¬†Allows local consortia to decide how best to distribute and receive funding whether through a local fiscal agent or through existing fiscal infrastructure
  • Elimination of the Allocation Boards and instead providing for local consortia to determine the governance structure best for the region and members
  • Requires all members' funding sources be identified and noted as part of the planning process so as to assist with prioritizing the expenditures of Adult Ed Block Grant funds
  • Established a 3-year planning process, with yearly updates so as to provide out-year forecasting and planning for stability
  • Funds three positions for the California Department of Education to ensure co-equal participation with the Chancellor's office in the AB 86 process and technical assistance for LEAs and adult schools

Budget Sub-Committees in the Legislature have already begun their work on the revised plan. The Legislature has until June 15 to approve the plan. The must sign the final budget by June 30.