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Technology Integration Basics

Posted on 05/20/2015

Technology Integration

In a May 2015 post, Edutopia staff provide tips, strategies, tools, and other resources External link opens in new window or tab to help new teachers successfully integrate technology to facilitate educational objectives in the classroom. Topics range from Tips and Strategies to Get Started; to Standards, Models, and Frameworks to Finding, Evaluating, and Selecting Technology Tools; to Managing Technology in the Classroom; to Teaching Digital Literacy and Citizenship.

In an article about how educators can find an ideal balance for teaching and technology Andrew Marcinek - http://www.edutopia.org/blog/technology-and-teaching-finding-balance-andrew-marcinek External link opens in new window or tab - posits that it begins with a focus followed by good instructional design. He suggests that teaching students how to balance technology usage along with offline socializing and interpersonal skills is essential and it is equally important to expose students to information literacy skill sets.

In an article titled Teaching Safety on the Virtual Playground - http://www.edutopia.org/blog/social-media-school-teaching-safety-virtual-playground External link opens in new window or tab - Mary Beth Hertz states that social media is the playground of this generation and they still need our guidance and help. She shares her school's experience where teachers feel more comfortable using social media in the classroom because students have built such a deep understanding of their digital footprint and their digital identity as well as the responsibilities that come with using social media.

When ready to take a few hours to immerse yourself in thought-provoking writing, a treasure-trove of classroom experience and easy-to-use-effective-tools, this collection of articles External link opens in new window or tab will be just the right kind of professional development.

Source: Edutopia External link opens in new window or tab