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Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

Posted on 03/30/2015

Digital Citizenship

Mike Ribble is the Director of Technology at Manhattan-Ogden School District and an Educational Technology Presenter and Consultant. He is also the author External link opens in new window or tab of the work found on the Web site DigitalCitizenship.net External link opens in new window or tab. The work on Digital Citizenship was the culmination of a three year dissertation project. According to Mr.Ribble, the concepts for Digital Citizenship are geared toward education, but are important for anyone who uses technology.

"Digital citizenship," says Ribble, "can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use." He lists "Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship External link opens in new window or tab."

  1. Digital Access: full electronic participation in society.
  2. Digital Commerce: electronic buying and selling of goods.
  3. Digital Communication: electronic exchange of information.
  4. Digital Literacy: process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology.
  5. Digital Etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure.
  6. Digital Law: electronic responsibility for actions and deeds
  7. Digital Rights & Responsibilities: those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world.
  8. Digital Health & Wellness: physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.
  9. Digital Security (self-protection): electronic precautions to guarantee safety.

Read more about the nine theme and the concept of Respect, Educate and Protect on Digital Citizenship, Using Technology Appropriately External link opens in new window or tab.