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Start Your Day with Current Events Using Online Tools: InkaBinka, Socrative, Google Docs, Remind

Posted on 03/09/2015

by Debbie Jensen, Baldwin Park Adult & Community Education, Baldwin Park, CA
Posted March 2015

It's time to begin class. Get your students' attention with a quick look at current events using a new Web site and app called InkaBinka. Then follow up with other tools that check for their understanding and allow them to apply what they have learned by writing on their own.

What is InkaBinka External link opens in new window or tab? It is a Web site (also accessible via Web app) that reviews the day's headline stories, each in only four sentences, or as they say "visual news summaries in 20 seconds. Be smart in 2 minutes." Students can access the site free on their computer or their personal device, either Android External link opens in new window or tab or iOS External link opens in new window or tab. Watch this video to find out more:

Enrollment is easy, requiring name, e-mail, and password. You can have students review the Top News stories, then move on to what‘s new in Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Business, International, or Politics.

If you do not have enough computers or devices, project your computer screen for all to read together.

Read the sentence digests as a class or make this a warmup assignment each day with students reading alone. Go over individual stories or have students discuss the lead story in each category. End the activity by having students write a summary of what is happening in today's news using this handout: InkaBinka: What's in the News? Activity (PDF)

Read more about InkaBinka and how you can use it in your classroom in this month's Web-based Class Activity article.