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Six Routines to Support Mathematical Thinking

Posted on 01/15/2015

Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel External link opens in new window or tab is a new must for anyone in education who cares about self-improvement and "sharing and learning diverse techniques to help every student grow.".

In a December 23, 2014 re-post by contributor Lily Jones, a Northern California educator, outlined some strategies that form the foundation for inspiring math learning. Jones, states that "teachers need to constantly think about differentiation, assessment, transitions, and about four hundred other things. Establishing a solid foundation of routines makes it possible for teachers to do complex teaching. And with the addition of one essential ingredient (JOY!) students are prepared to engage in complex learning."

Routines are accompanied by under-three-minutes video demonstrations External link opens in new window or tab and are organized in categories of organization, problem-solving tools and creating a joyful math culture.

Source: The Teaching Channel's Tchers Voice - https://www.teachingchannel.org/blog/ External link opens in new window or tab.