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Web-Based Class Activity: Formative Assessments Using Kahoot!

Posted on 01/08/2015

Susan Coulter, Baldwin Park Adult & Community Education, Baldwin Park, CA
Posted January 2015


Kahoot is a game-based student response system, designed to run on computers and most mobile devices. It captivates and focuses a whole classroom, and enables formative assessment and adaptive learning.

To share a game you must launch it on a screen (using a projector connected to a computer) at the front of the classroom. Students can use any Web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop) to access Kahoot.it External link opens in new window or tab using their Web browser. Students join by entering a unique game pin (which is generated when the teacher sets up the game). The results displayed after each question can be used to see the number of correct answers to each question and the top-five players' ranking after every question. This can be a motivator for other players. You are also able to download detailed results for each player at the end of the game.

By signing up for a free Kahoot account, you are able to create a Kahoot (quiz, discussion, or survey), or use a public Kahoot. You can personalize your Kahoot by adding a picture or video, adding award points or not, or changing the time limit. You are also asked to judge the difficulty, describe it for other Kahooters, and choose the audience. In addition, you can challenge students to create their own Kahoot and take control of their own learning. Kahoot is a fun, easy-to-use, and empowering online tool.

See sample Kahoots, instructions for using Kahoot, and a sample classroom activity in this month's Web-based Class Activity article.