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ESL Insights - Upwardly Mobile

Posted on 05/03/2013

ESL Insights

KQED Education External link opens in new window or tab recently launched a new resource for ESL educators, ESL Insights External link opens in new window or tab. The new blog offers a space for ESL educators to share their stories, challenges, ideas and resources for the classroom, as well as to engage in dialogue with others in the practitioner community.

Online now, read Restarting Your Career With Upwardly Global External link opens in new window or tab, which highlights a non-profit organization that assists permanently work-authorized, skilled immigrants in rebuilding their professional careers in the United States. Restarting Your Career With Upwardly Global shares the stories of immigrants like Martha, a skilled immigrant and ESL learner, who shares her own challenges, and then her success story, online.

After arriving from Columbia with a Masters degree and job experience, Martha, like many highly skilled and educated immigrants, spent many years working at minimum wage jobs. Then she was referred to Upwardly Global External link opens in new window or tab, where with help, she was able to rebuild her career and get a job using her excellent and needed skill set. She now provides behavioral management therapies for children with autism or developmental delays in bilingual settings. To date, Upwardly Global has trained over 3,500 skilled immigrants and has assisted over 1,500 professionals back into their career field, bringing quality experience and expertise to our society as well as contributing to a stronger economy.

ESL educators can use ESL Insights to share these and other stories and resources in the classroom and share and discuss with each other. Also visit Do Now External link opens in new window or tab, a weekly activity for students to respond to current issues through the use of KQED's award-winning online media resources and social media tools like Twitter.

ESL Insights invites your comments and experiences. If you would like to post an article on ESL Insights, please contact Maxine Einhorn at meinhorn@kqed.org.