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California Digital Citizenship Month — May 2013

Posted on 04/01/2013

California Digital Citizenship Month

Kids, and adult learners, today are creating, learning, and socializing through digital media. Will they connect with like minds or spill too much information to the wrong people? Will they behave ethically or borrow ideas recklessly? Will they create positive online communities or simply standby when they see bullying?

Join schools and community groups across California throughout the month of May in guiding students and their families to make the right choices, and empower them to act responsibly, safe, and ethically online. The Digital Citizenship Day toolkit has everything you need to get involved.

The toolkit includes:

  • Lesson plans for the classroom or after school
  • Suggested digital storytelling tools and activities
  • Handouts for parents in English and Spanish
  • Family workshop activities

Ready to get started? Email schools@commonsense.org if you would like the kit sent to you when it's available (on March 22nd)