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Two Outstanding Student Successes Honored at ACSA Conference

Posted on 11/09/2012

Two former adult education students will be receiving California Adult Education Students Succeed (www) awards at the ACSA Adult Education conference on November 10, 2012.

Magdalena (Nena) Cerda-Baez, Sweetwater Adult School

Magdalena (Nena) Cerda-Baez
Magdalena (Nena) Cerda-Baez

Since March 2000, Magdalena (Nena) Cerda-Baez has been working with Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) (www), an environmental advocacy group "dedicated to achieving environmental and social justice." EHC defines environmental justice as "the right of all people and communities to live, work, and play in a clean and safe environment." Nena currently serves as the Director of the Border Justice Campaign managing community organizers to address environmental issues through the Colectivo Chilpancingo office in Tijuana, Mexico.

Nena often mentions that her experience as an adult education student is what prepared her to be a successful mother and environmental activist. Her studies helped to boost her self-esteem and prepared her to seek employment while she helped her children do well in their studies. She learned that many people have to overcome learning difficulties or educational barriers, and that these barriers should not stop a determined and dedicated individual from reaching their goals. When Nena joined EHC in 2000, she was technical coordinator for the Mexican government agency INEA (Instituto Nacional de Educacion para los Adultos [National Institute for Adult Education]), where she worked with adult literacy programs in the border region. Read more of her story at CA Adult Education Students Succeed (www).

Travon Willis, Fremont Adult and Continuing Education

Travon Willis
Travon Willis

At the age of 26, Travon Willis started working toward a high school diploma at Fremont Adult and Continuing Education (FACE). He has always believed this was one of the best decisions he ever made. In the two years he attended, 2004-06, he overcame poor grades and moved from the freshman level to attaining all the credits necessary to complete the program and earn his High School Diploma. He also won an Academic Achievement Award in Math and the Community Advisory Council Scholarship.

Regardless of all his educational accomplishments, being a positive role model to his family is the most important thing to Travon. His career is about helping people, and he believes he has an ethical and moral duty to provide them with his best care. One example of this comes from outside his work.  Travon possesses a compassion for homeless people, and each Thanksgiving and periodically throughout the year he and his wife collect used clothing which they distribute to homeless people in the area. From this and other examples, his family has gained the same ethical and moral sense as Travon, along with the understanding that each one of us plays a part in contributing to a better tomorrow. Read more about Travon at CA Adult Education Students Succeed (www).

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