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EdSource Report on Adult Education in California

Posted on 06/14/2012

At Risk: Adult Schools in California

EdSource (www), an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit group that focuses on education issues, has released a report on adult education, "At Risk: Adult Schools in California" (www). Its press release states that "adult schools are an important strand in the state's safety net, offering community based classes to some of the state's neediest adults."

The report itself is based on surveys sent to the 30 largest districts asking about cuts to adult education. Only one of those programs, Anaheim, closed its school, and only one, Montebello, reported no change. The vast majority of programs reported that their "programs have drastically shrunk." It describes several programs that have sustained large cuts, including Oakland, San Juan, MetroEd in San Jose, and Fontana.

Options for saving the adult education system are discussed, including the concept of regional ACET centers promoted in the California Department of Education's strategic plan for adult education; moving adult education to the community college system; and a legislative solution to remove adult education funds from flexibility.