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Nominate a Former Student for "Students Succeed"

Posted on 05/21/2012

CA Adult Education Students Succeed

The California Adult Education Students Succeed project (www) recognizes former adult education students who have completed their courses and met some or many of their life goals. The Web site offers the stories and photos of 187 former adult learners from 92 different adult education agencies who have success stories to tell. Many of these stories are accompanied by short videos telling the story with interviews from the former student, their teachers and administrators, family members and others.

Although the Students Succeed project was not active this year, the Adult Education Council of the Association of California School Administrators has asked OTAN to produce two new Students Succeed stories for the ACSA Leadership Summit in November in San Diego. Therefore, we are looking for nominations from southern California adult education programs of individuals who would be able to attend the conference luncheon on Saturday, November 10, 2012 to receive the award.

The nomination form (www) is online and easy to complete. The nominations are judged on five criteria:

  • Employment status and leadership role
  • Community responsibilities
  • Life goals met as a result of completing adult education program
  • Improved life of self or others
  • Overcame difficult circumstances to pursue adult learning

If you know of a former student who meets these criteria and can travel to the conference, please nominate (www) them! The agency will be recognized at the conference along with the individual, and the Adult Education Council would like to show all of ACSA the incredible value provided to the California economy and social fabric by adult education.

Nominations are due by June 15, 2012.