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Adult Literacy Resources: "What's Age Got To Do With It?"

Posted on 03/22/2012

Change Agent

The Change Agent (www) provides accessible, multi-level literacy materials that are relevant and inspiring to adult learners. The publication, published twice a year in March and September is available online (www) and can be downloaded at no cost, although they appreciate donations.

The March 2012 issue of The Change Agent poses the question:

What’s Age Got to Do With It?

Key Points include:

  • What does age have to do with learning?
  • With more and more young people (ages 16-24) in ABE, dynamics are shifting in the classroom and in programs. What happens when teenagers and 40-somethings share the classroom?
  • Why are so many high schoolers choosing adult education instead of traditional secondary school?

Read inspiring stories of older and younger students getting past their preconceptions and reaching out to make friends, share struggles, and learn from each other across generational lines. Teachers are provided lesson plans and discussion questions to use in the classroom (www) that will engage students and provide an important forum for critical thinking, sharing, and achieving understanding across diverse experiences.

Selected articles on a variety of themes are now available for students to listen to online at www.nelrc.org/changeagent (www). Research has shown that adult reading students need to hear text read aloud in order to improve their own reading.

Previous issues have covered issues related to the environment, the economy, 911, and health—see back issues (www) for more.

The mission of The Change Agent (www) is to provide a low-cost teaching resource that inspires and enables adult educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice part of their teaching and learning and is published by the New England Literacy Resource Center (www) at World Education (www).