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Call for Contributions: Promising Practices for Adult Learners

Posted on 02/27/2012

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The National College Transition Network (NCLT [www]) is inviting adult education practitioners to contribute to a collection of promising practices that will foster adult learners' aspirations as they plan their education and career pathways in the Aspirations Toolkit [www].

The Aspirations Toolkit will collect resources and materials that will engage students, showcase promising practices, and help other adult educators learn and grow in their practice.

Contributions to the Aspirations Toolkit can include:

  • Descriptions of effective counseling and instruction practices.
  • Lessons and activities that adult education practitioners can use with learners at all levels - from ESOL through GED and beyond - to help foster their aspirations and goals at the early stages of their educational and careerĀ  pathways.
  • Ideas for planning for next steps for learners, including college readiness and career pathways.

The Aspirations Toolkit will be disseminated as a resource for practitioners, with the goal of providing resources that will support adult learners in making positive and informed life and education choices.

To contribute, please review the Contributions Form [www]. The deadline for contributions is March 19, 2012.

NCLT [www] supports adult education staff, programs, and states, and regional and municipal agencies in establishing and strengthening college transition services.