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Part 1 of New GED Assessment Guide Released

Posted on 02/14/2012

GED Testing Service

The GED Testing Service® [www] has released Part 1 of The Assessment Guide for Educators [www] to help educators learn about the new GED test that will launch in 2014. The Guide is designed to help the adult education community begin to incorporate the new direction of the GED into preparation programs.

The Assessment Guide for Educators provides an overview of the assessment, the assessment targets for each content area, a description of cognitive levels, and item types, as well as other topics. The Guide will be released in three installments with the first installment available immediately. Registration is required in order to download the first and each subsequent chapter. Registrants will also be invited to attend one of four one-hour webinars focused on the first installment's content.

Chapters 2 and 3 will be released on February 28 and March 13 respectively and will also have webinars to overview the content and to provide a forum for getting questions from the field answered. The GED Testing Service® [www] will also be presenting at national and local conferences this spring and summer.

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