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Federal Budget Includes Adult Education Funding

Posted on 12/22/2011

National Coalition for Literacy

Federal Budget
The federal legislature finally managed to pass an omnibus budget bill last week that includes a 0.189% across-the-board cut to all programs, but other than that, adult education is level funded at $596.1 million. EL Civics remained funded at $74.8 million and national leadership activities remain at $11.3 million. This is good news for adult education, as the federal budget for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title II remains intact.

WIA Reauthorization
The saga of reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act continues. Rep. Hinojosa (D-TX) reintroduced the Adult Education and Economic Growth Act (H.R. 2226) [www] last June. Since then, republicans in early December introduced two competing measures, the Streamlining Workforce Development Programs Act [www] (H.R. 3610) and the Local Job Opportunities and Business Success (JOBS) Act [www] (H.R. 3611). Democrats say that HR 3610 "would dismantle the national commitment to the millions of Americans [www] seeking job assistance, skills assessment, career counseling, and job training programs." Rep. George Miller (D-CA), a strong advocate for adult literacy services, is one of those opposing the bill, along with Rep. Hinojosa and others. Democrats indicate that they will be introducing additional legislation on WIA reauthorization in the new year.

Information from the National Coalition for Literacy December Public Policy Update [www]