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Mini-grants Offered: Using Wonderopolis®

Posted on 07/25/2011


The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) will award $500 mini-grants to 20 community-based organizations, libraries or schools with creative ideas for adopting and using Wonderopolis with families in their existing programs. These grants are supported by NCFL partner Better World Books' Literacy and Education in Action Program (LEAP).

Wonderopolis is an interactive web-based educational project that is designed to engage and inspire families by supporting their efforts to educate, learn together and transform parent/child relationships into "engines of progress and upward mobility." It offers a daily "Wonder of the Day" which is a simple topic that kids might wonder about, and is used as a springboard for learning. Each wonder starts with a question such as "Are all ladybugs ladies?" which results in learning about the biology of ladybugs, or "Why does a strawberry have seeds on the outside?" which leads to a discussion of plant botany.

What are programs doing with Wonderopolis? Here are some ideas to share:

  • Educators are incorporating Wonderopolis into their curricula and using it to better incorporate technology into the classroom.
  • Parents are using WonderChats on Twitter to create craft time and other fun learning projects with their children. Check out  Spooky Chat! for some ideas that engage kids as they learn to manage current technologies.
  • Visit Wonders to encourage kids to explore how deep the Grand Canyon is, how dinosaurs got their names, and if chickens have fingers!
  • Camp What-a Wonder provides a free, vital, interactive learning environment created to combat summer learning loss, a troubling trend of children. Camp What-a Wonder seeks to engage families in learning while school is not in session.

Applications are due Friday, Aug. 19, 2011. Applicants should prepare to describe how they will use the mini-grant to embed Wonderopolis into their program and how they think it will help them better deliver educational services to those they serve. Submit the mini-grant application online.