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California Promotes Digital Literacy with YouTube Videos

Posted on 03/24/2011

CA Technology Agency

California’s Office of Information Technology has recently released a Digital Literacy Video Series on YouTube that features state technology leaders promoting digital literacy for all. This coincides with the creation of an official California State action plan for expanding the population’s knowledge of the technical world, to be implemented in schools, libraries and the work force.

In a News Article released last November, Rachelle Chong, special counsel for advanced information and communications in the Office of the Chief Information Officer stated “We’re just trying to use a 21st-century technique on a 21st-century idea.”

Chong also emphasized how critical it is for all Californians to have strong digital literacy skills, starting in K-12 and through to the workforce.  The term "digital literacy” is defined as “residents of all ages being just as familiar with technology and using a computer as they are with reading and writing.”

The video series, hosted on the Office of the State Chief Information Officer’s YouTube channel, is just one of the tools being used to educate the public, as well as to appeal to younger audiences, about California’s initiative on digital literacy. The videos feature a wide range of viewpoints and could be useful to share with educators, those involved in technology planning and the general public.

Some of the featured speakers & topics seen in the Digital Literacy Video Series include:

  • Bonnie Reiss, Secretary of Education, California
  • Teri Takai, Former Chief Information Officer, California
  • Sunne Wright McPeak, President and CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund
  • Rachelle Chong, Special Counsel, California Technology Agency
  • Stacey Aldrich, State Librarian, California State Library
  • Senator Alex Padilla, Chairman, Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications
  • A Case Study on The Stride Center, non-profit program helping disadvantaged adults earn a tech certification and get a good paying job in Oakland, California.