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New Math and Science Videos Coming this Fall from TV411

Posted on 01/18/2011


The Adult Literacy Media Alliance, ALMA, provides video-based lessons for adult basic skills learners reading at a 4th to 8th grade level and who are working toward GED-level proficiency. The series is called TV411, and the videos can be broadcast on public television, or ordered from Kentucky Educational Television (KET). There is also an interactive Web site with lessons in Math, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Learning Styles.

Last October, the Adult Literacy Media Alliance received two million dollars from the National Science Foundation to produce a new series of video-based lessons called What's Cooking? These lessons will be designed to provide instruction in math and science instruction for adults with low levels of literacy and numeracy access in the form of an online cooking show. Informal science instruction will focus on biochemical, physical and mathematical processes happening in our home kitchens and in the news.

Look for these new lessons on the TV411 site next fall.

ALMA's mission is to help adults gain the basic reading, writing, and math skills they need to achieve their educational, career, and personal goals and is project of the Education Development Center's Learning and Teaching Division