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Discussion on Student Resistance to New Teaching Strategies

Posted on 01/07/2011


Have you ever been excited about introducing a new research-based strategy only to have your learners meet it with resistance? How do you overcome this barrier? What strategies work best to awaken the child-like desire to learn something new?

The week of January 10, the Math and Numeracy List will host a discussion on "Dealing with Student's Reactions to New Teaching Strategies" with Kate Nonesuch, an instructor in adult literacy and numeracy for nearly 30 years. The discussion will focus on recognizing student resistance and looking at strategies for overcoming it, making learners part of the teaching team, and in charge of their learning.

The suggested pre-reading resource is Kate's article on page 20 of the Focus on basics issue at the following link: Nonesuch, K. (2008). Changing Practice, Expanding Minds, Focus on Basics 9(A), 20.

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