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Students Can Follow Antarctica Expedition

Posted on 08/23/2010


Tina Sander, an ESL teacher from Santa Cruz Adult School, is getting ready to leave for Antarctica with an expedition that will offer opportunities for students to read her journal, interact with her, see videos, and participate in webinars. There will be opportunities for reading, writing and science activities appropriate for ESL, ABE and high school. Students can read Tina's journal and participate in webinars. Here is Tina's description of the project.

Hi Everyone,

Tina Sander

I have something exciting to potentially bring a little light and excitement to you and your students' lives.

As some of you know I'm going to go on an expedition to Antarctica this fall. I'm actually leaving in a little over 1 month and I'll be joining a group of scientists, divers, and engineers as they dive and use an underwater robot to explore the seafloor communities under the ice. Our expedition website has lots more information for you.

I want to extend an opportunity to you to integrate this fascinating expedition into your classrooms in order to let your students get a glimpse of actual research in Antarctica as it is happening.

In brief, here is what you could do:

1 – You and your students can read my journals. You can discuss what we're doing and then post your best questions for us to answer on a forum. Jigsaw activities and all kinds of reading comprehension activities would work well for this.

I've already written about 20 journal entries that you can look through. Once I'm in the field, I'll be writing new ones about every other day about our expedition, Antarctica, and the people down there. (If you want, I can add you to my email list and you'll get the journal links sent to your email.)

2 – You can also tune in to webinars in which you'll see a presentation and have a chance to ask us questions. Though you won't get to see us in Antarctica, you will see pictures that we post and you will be able to talk to us! The dates for those are Wednesday, Oct. 20 (10-11 am), Wednesday, Nov. 17 (4:30-5:30 pm), and Friday, Dec. 3 (10-11 am). (If you are interested in those, email me and I'll keep you on a list for reminders and tech support.)

3 – You can participate in the WATER DROP program. Your students would print out, decorate, and laminate a simple template of a water drop. You would then mail it to us in Antarctica. I'll be collecting the WATER DROPs and I'll post pictures of them in various places in Antarctica. I'll also be giving the WATER DROPs to various people in Antarctica to "take to work for a day". They'll write about those adventures. Those stories will be in simpler English which would make them more suited for Low-Intermediate ESL classes (though I'm encouraging every class to send us one).

If you are interested please feel free to ask me questions. I'm here until the middle of September and then I'll be heading down to the Ice.