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OVAE Funds Virtual University for ESL Teachers

Posted on 08/11/2010


OVAE has announced that, after a national competition, it awarded a three-year contract to DTI Associates in which it is investing more than $2.2 million in a new state-of-the-art National Adult English Language Learning Professional Development Network, also known as English Language Learning University (ELL University). The investment will identify, enhance, and create training resources to help teachers deliver quality English language instruction to adults.

ELL University will provide teachers with access to a team of expert faculty, a quarterly online course catalogue, academic departments to enhance their professional growth and practical resources aligned to individual needs of instructors of adult English Language Learners. ELL University will offer faculty office hours, learning clubs, course registration and catalogues and campus life activities that simulate a university experience. For more details, check the OVAE website, under adult education and literacy, during the next few weeks.

From the OVAE Connection, 7/29/10