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2010 Census: Encouraging Students to Be Counted

Posted on 04/08/2010

Census 2010

The 2010 Census is critically important to adult educators and their students, as it directly impacts how more than $400 billion will be allocated annually to local, state and tribal governments over the next decade. Online resources, downloadable materials and lessons plans are available to help adult educators promote a "robust response" to the census, while at the same time integrate basic skills and ESL instruction in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

2010 US Census Resources and Materials:

The 2010 US Census has developed the Take 10 Turnkey Kit, which is designed to provide information, resources and turnkey materials to encourage individuals to complete and mail back their 2010 Census forms. The Take 10 Turnkey Kit encourages us all to "take 10 minutes" to fill out our census forms, so we can all be counted fairly and accurately. The materials can be downloaded and used at no cost and are available in forms customized for different cultural groups. For example, there are materials for American Indians and Native Alaskans, Asians, Latinos, African Americans, the Disabled, Immigrant populations, as well as many other groups. Other materials found on the 2010 US Census website include:

Census Lessons for ESL Learners:

Refugee Transitions, a San Francisco-based refugee assistance group, has developed Census Lessons for ESL learners, with grant funding from the San Francisco Foundation and the California Endowment.

The Census Lessons, designed for Beginning to Low Intermediate Level ESL students, teach about the importance of the Census and how to fill out the Census forms. Full lesson plans including worksheets, story boards, comprehension checks, and step-by-step help for filling out the census forms are all available to download at no cost.