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OTAN is Now Accepting Applications for TIMAC 2010-11

Posted on 03/02/2010


Application deadline is April 30th.

Even though our adult education environment is uncertain at the moment, we need to continue our efforts to develop and support quality teaching in the adult education system. OTAN is planning a professional development opportunity for the school year 2010-11 that brings together teacher skills development, peer mentoring and technology integration in one, with the ultimate goal of improving learner outcomes.

What Is TIMAC?
Initiated in the fall of 2004, the Technology Integration Mentor Academy (TIMAC) is a peer-mentoring-based professional development initiative with the goal of supporting individuals at adult education agencies to become the technology mentor for their program(s) and thereby increase the effective use of technology in adult education classrooms. Although instructors from any program area may apply, the focus is on mentoring instructors in basic skills (ESL, ABE, ASE, GED). In addition, within its five-year existence, the Academy has fostered the development of a group of professionals committed to providing leadership in the field of adult education in California to implement effective technology integration.

Description of the Academy
Participation in TIMAC is a one-year commitment. For 2010-11, 10 new participants will be selected, and up to five more may be added if the agency pays the tuition of $1,600. During this year, participants will attend trainings in Sacramento on the following dates:

  • October 14 & 15, 2010
  • January 21, 2011
  • May 12 & 13, 2011

Travel costs will be reimbursed by OTAN, but not participant salary. The training will be provided by experienced adult education technology mentors from across the state and will include:

  • Mentoring theory and practice
  • Technology integration philosophy
  • Technology skills

During the training, participants will plan and facilitate a project by mentoring a colleague at their school, to be implemented during the spring of 2011. In addition to the training days in Sacramento, each participant will be assigned a support mentor, and will receive support via email, phone, site visit, and online meetings.

Selection Criteria
The successful applicant will have already demonstrated enthusiasm for technology integration in her/his own classroom, and leadership within her/his program, although she/he doesn't need to be in an official leadership position. It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge of a variety of technologies, but rather to be ready and willing to learn and experiment, and most importantly be willing and able to share new knowledge and skills with colleagues.

Application Process
Applications are completed online, at www.otan.us/timac/applyonline/, and are due by midnight on April 30, 2010. A team of technology mentors and OTAN staff will review applications. The application must include the following:

  1. Section Completed by Instructor/Applicant
    • Online Form: Application cover page
    • Online Form: Statement by applicant (replies to 4 questions)
    • Upload: Applicant's resume, indicating professional involvement and use of technology
  2. Section Completed by Administrator
    • Online Form: Nomination by the program administrator (replies to 3 questions)
    • Upload: Agency's Technology Plan

Learn more about TIMAC at www.otan.us/timac. If you have questions or need more information, please contact: Branka Marceta, OTAN, (800) 894-3113 or (916) 228-2587 or bmarceta@otan.us