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ABE and Developmental Ed: Working Together to Transition Students

Posted on 09/21/2009


Minnesota Association for Developmental Education (mnade) has included a thought-provoking article, Making Connections Between ABE and DE in its Newsletter about the relationship between ABE and DE students and their transition to post-secondary education. 

The article, written by Kimberly A. Johnson, Assistant Professor/ATLAS Director at the School of Education at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, proposes the many possibilities of ABE and Developmental Education educators working together to serve adult students to transition them into post-secondary education.  Johnson highlights the common threads that link these populations and those who educators who work with them. 

Johnson states: "It makes sense for ABE and DE instructors to work together given the overlap in student populations: the same adults in need of remediation or unprepared for the academic demands of higher education who are served in ABE might also be found in DE classes in local colleges."  The author also points out that both ABE and DE educators are similarly committed to working with students at all levels and abilities and helping them progress and succeed in educational, work and real-life settings. 

Johnson describes the Minnesota-based project, "ABE Transitions to Post-Secondary Initiative" and suggests that ABE and DE educators need to begin to work together more closely to share their knowledge and expertise.  While laying out the challenges, the author clearly presents the many opportunities collaboration would offer in order to better serve all students, and find ways to effectively transition them to post-secondary education and training.

Read Making Connections Between ABE and DE and learn more about Minnesota Association for Developmental Education (mnade).