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CCAE Publishes Information to Assist Programs and Provides Discussion List

Posted on 05/26/2009


The California Council for Adult Education (CCAE), with its legislative advocate Jeff Frost, has produced a paper with some questions and answers on the current budget situation and the flexibility of adult education funds. Questions addressed include how funding reductions will be made, the requirement for a public hearing on flexibility funds, and how adult education ending balances and reserves can be treated. The information applies to the situation before the May revise that Governor Schwarzenegger announced last week. Because the budget propositions were defeated in the May 19 election, the budget picture will likely change in the coming months.

CCAE also provides a checklist for working with your district.  The checklist suggests many avenues for adult education programs to demonstrate their value to the district, and includes topics such as aligning with district goals, relationship with the fiscal department, relationship with the board of education, and stabilization funds.

CCAE has also initiated an email list in order to provide a forum for the discussion of pertinent issues of interest to adult educators. Join the list by sending an email to join-ccae@lists.scoe.net. The subject and body of the email should be left blank. You can read more about the list or find a link to the archive of previous messages on the CCAE site.