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New CTE Online Lessons and Resources for Adult Education & 2012-2013 Model Curriculum Institute Announced

Posted on 10/05/2012

CTE Online

Many adult education providers offer Career Technical Education/Apprenticeships supported partly by Adult Education State Program (www) at California Department of Education.

Career Technical Education Online (CTE Online (www)) was originally established to help practitioners in California focus on the relationship between academic achievement and Career and Technical Education through access to:

  • Professional Curriculum Development Tools
  • Professional Alignment and Instructional Strategies Resources
  • Standards Databases Cross-Referenced to STAR and CAHSEE

Educators are invited to visit the site and find resources and materials that are constantly updated and supplemented. Here are some examples:  

  • Thousands of lessons and curriculum resources developed by colleagues from across the state in all CTE sectors including 48 full course models containing a collection of over 2,000 lesson plans with activities and materials
  • 400 new lesson plans across disciplines that range from Food Sciences to Graphic Arts to Agricultural Business to Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design and more
  • Video examples of teachers demonstrating lessons and activities
  • Free training from CTE experts at CTE Training (www)
  • Information on CA State Standards (www)

In addition to these resources, CTE Online delivers the Model Curriculum Institute, in which selected CTE teachers participate in a 2 day lead-off institute to set up curriculum teams and start on developing out unit-level projects and the supporting instructional activities in the CTE Online portal.  Currently, CTE Online is seeking exceptionally creative engineering and media design educators to participate in the development of model lessons for the next round of training.   For more information, updates and to pre-register, go to 2012-'13 Model Curriculum Group (www).