April 2, 2010
Digest No. 23


Strategic Plan Update
Two events were held in March as part of the strategic planning process. The Expert Panel met on March 5, and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the Field Partnership Team, and the CDE Adult Education Office Consultants met on March 18. A working draft of the mission, structure and core elements of the strategic plan was reviewed by both groups. Summaries of these meetings are posted on the Strategic Planning website.


LA to Participate in OVAE's Great Cities Reading Summit
OVAE has selected five cities – LA, New York, Miami, Houston and Chicago – to participate in five summits in 2010-11 to discuss the unique challenges for providing adult education in urban areas, with a focus on reading instruction. More information will be available soon.


Free Publications Available from NIFL
The National Institute for Literacy is closing and now taking bulk orders for the publication Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Independent Online Learning. This and all Institute publications are free and can be shipped to you at no cost! You can see the full list of publications at www.nifl.gov. Select PUBLICATIONS or go directly to the list of publications. Read more on OTAN.


Low Level Literacy: Touch Screen Broadens Reach of Newest CASAS eTest® Series
An accessible and affordable testing option, the CASAS Low Level Literacy Assessment will be showcased at the CASAS Summer Institute as an option in CASAS eTests V3.2 using a touch screen / monitor overlay. Touch screens help address the needs of examinees with low literacy skills as well as those with physical or cognitive disabilities and their functionality applies to all test forms available in CASAS eTests.


Post-secondary Transition Study Underway
How does performance on CASAS reading, writing, and math assessments relate to the performance of learners enrolled in college-level transferable, developmental education, and non-credit transition courses? Conducted by CASAS, a new study is underway to determine the role of CASAS assessments in supporting post-secondary transitions. The goal is to assist states and local adult education programs in setting appropriate performance levels that enable adult education learners to successfully transition into postsecondary education. Completion of the study is anticipated in Fall 2010.


2009-10 Year end TOPSpro Data and Deliverables
To comply with grant requirements, WIA Title II-funded agencies closing before the end of the 200910 program year (June 30, 2010) must remember to submit all end-of-year TOPSpro® data and deliverables. The official deadline is August 15, 2010. Contact your CDE Regional Consultant immediately if your program is:

  • Closing early this year,
  • Will be closed during the summer, or
  • Will be closed for any part of the 2010-11 program year.

The CDE 2009-10 End-of-Year Letter and Enclosures (to be released shortly) will provide more details.


Sec. of Education, Arne Duncan

National Education Technology Plan
Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan has released a draft of the National Education Technology Plan (NETP). The plan is still considered a draft, and comments are being accepted online. Read more.

Hayward Adult School Offers Retraining for Auto Workers
The New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI), the only remaining vehicle manufacturing plant in California, closed its doors on March 31. Hayward Adult School has collaborated with the Alameda County WIB to offer employee retraining. Read more.


Waiting Lists for Adult Education
A recent survey of adult education programs in 50 states and one territory indicates that 72 percent of the local agencies responding maintain a waiting list, representing 160,000 potential learners. Eighty-eight percent of the agencies responding from California have a waiting list. Read more.


Professional Development


April Webinars on Technology Topics
Spring into action with OTAN online webinars! Learn how you can share slide shows with students, teachers and others with "Show Your Slide Shows to the World" on April 21st. Or perhaps you need a fun activity to help students manage their money; try "Easy Excel Activities for the Classroom: Create a Personal Budget" on April 23rd. These webinars, and many others, are available at no cost. Register online.


TIMAC Application Due April 30
OTAN’s Technology Integration Mentor Academy (TIMAC) is a peer-mentoring-based professional development initiative with the goal of supporting individuals to become the technology mentor for their program. The application for 2010-11 is now online, and will close on April 30. Read more.


Spaces Left in GED Academy II
CCAE will offer GED Academy II at four locations in April. The Saturday session will cover learning modalities, Internet for teachers and students, accommodation for special testing, and other topics. The session is appropriate for teachers who participated in GED Academy I. Read more and register online.


Winter Consortium Video
The 2010 Winter California WIA Title II Consortium Video is now posted. View videos of Debra Jones, CDE Adult Education Administrator and a panel of adult educators discussing the following topics: NRS Performance, Setting Local Performance Goals, Using the Data to Inform Instruction, Improving Program Goal Setting & Transition, and Reauthorization & the Future Considerations.


New Online Training Options
In May the California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO)  will offer online workshops in real-time on topics such as Managed Enrollment, Advising the Adult Learner: the Teacher's Role, and Teaching Critical Thinking. Within three hours (usually formatted into two sessions of 90 minutes or less), you can interact with colleagues across the state from the comfort of your school or home.  All you need to participate is a computer with high-speed Internet access and a telephone to call into a toll-free teleconference.  Sign up today – registration is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.   


CALPRO Regional Workshops
The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) is collaborating with agencies to host regionally offered face-to-face workshops. Workshop topics include Managed Enrollment, Optimizing ESL Instructional Planning: Management, Monitoring, and Reflection and supporting adults with learning disabilities. Register online.


Did you know…

Career Exploration

Help Students Identify Jobs that Match their Skills and Interests
A new Web-based Activities article on OTAN covers Web sites for teaching about career exploration. With the emphasis on transition to work and job training, these sites will be helpful for all basic skills classes.


"The pessimist complains about the wind.
The optimist expects it to change.
The leader adjusts the sails."

— John Maxwell

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