August 3, 2009
Digest No. 16


CDE Likely to Hire Consultants

The Adult Education Office of the California Department of Education may be hiring two or three consultants to fill current vacancies in the near future. There are also openings for Education Programs Consultants in other departments. In order to be considered, an applicant must be on the established hiring list. More information and the examination bulletin are available online.

Mindi Yates Leaving CDE

Mindi Yates, who came to the Adult Education Office as a consultant for Region 7, is leaving on August 5 to take a position at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo as the Supervisor of Workforce Development and Community Education. Cliff Moss, 916-327-6378 will be the contact for Region 7 until further notice.

CDE Career Website

California Direct Connect is a site hosted by the California Department of Education that provides links to a wide variety of information on finding a job, exploring career opportunities, getting training, and overcoming barriers to work.

Post Your Event on PD Calendar

Hosting a professional development event that is open to staff outside your agency? Get your event posted on the California Adult Education Professional Development Calendar by emailing it to Randy Bayne at OTAN. Please put "Calendar Item" as the subject.

2008-09 WIA II End-of-Year Data Submission

To streamline the WIA Title II end-of-year data submission process (deadline 8/15/09),  agencies can now submit Data Integrity and Payment Points Summary Reports via mail, e-mail (as a PDF attachment sent to or fax (858-292-2910). Detailed information concerning the 2008-09 end-of-year data submission is available at the CASAS California Accountability Page.


WIA Reauthorization Hearings

The U.S. Senate conducted hearings on WIA in July, and testimony can be viewed online. While there is hope for reauthorization this year, it may be pre-empted by healthcare, and may not be reauthorized for another couple of years.

Cellphone Use in Education

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education in the Obama administration, encourages schools to take advantage of smart phones, the mini-computers that many students already carry. Some schools are already providing textbooks and resource materials via cell phone.

Internet Use Up in California

A new report provides statistics on Internet use in California, and notes that the pace at which California is adding people to the digital highway increased in 2009, and the overall number of Internet users increased from 70% last year to 76%. The digital divide has narrowed significantly for some groups, but not for others. Read more.

Professional Development

English Under the Arches

McDonald’s has implemented ESL instruction for employees to support them in moving into management positions.

Innovative Projects Recognized at the CASAS Summer Institute

CASAS congratulates this year’s Promising Practices and EL Civics: Making a Difference in the Community Award recipients honored recently at the 2009 CASAS National Summer Institute.  Debra Jones, CDE Administrator, presented the awards at the California Consortium meeting held during the Institute.

EL Civics Assessment Plan Selection System Updated for 2009–10

CASAS has updated the California EL Civics Web site for the 2009–10 Program Year. The Civic Objective and Additional Assessment Plan (COAAP) selection system is now available for use.

Did you know?

Your Former Student Can be Honored

OTAN maintains a collection of stories about individuals who have benefited from adult education and through it reached some of their life goals. Nominate a former student! If your nominee is selected, they will receive a letter and a plaque which can be presented at a school board meeting or staff meeting.

People to Follow on Twitter

Got a Twitter account? Want to promote your program? See how other programs like library literacy  and an adult school are using Twitter, and follow OTAN, Jack O’Connell, and the Governor.

"Human history is more and more a race between education and catastrophe."
— H.G. Wells

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