June 30, 1992 to July 1, 1995
Adult Education Act, P.L. 100-297 as Amended by the
National Literacy Act, P.L. 102-73

Submitted by:

California Department of Education
Specialized Programs Branch
Youth, Adult and Alternative Educational Services Division


Chapter 13

The Local Assistance Grants programs have the option of working collaboratively with other programs, including instruction assisted by volunteers.

Volunteers are used by service providers to assist with instruction and program administration when it is cost-effective to do so. Volunteers also help provide program support services, such as child care, transportation and outreach and recruitment. Local program providers may elect to utilize volunteers from the Domestic Volunteer Services Act, including volunteers from the VISTA Literacy Corps. For the most part, this plan leaves the decision about whether or not and the extent to which volunteers will be used to the local service provider.

An indirect incentive is the requirement to report cost-effectiveness of programs by providing data on average student achievement and per student costs. Presumably, the use of volunteers will give a program more performance for the dollar. The Plan's data reporting requirements (for those receiving Local Assistance Grants) will help determine whether, in fact, this is occurring. Eventually, knowledge of cost-effectiveness may encourage providers to use volunteers in the delivery of basic skills programs.


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