June 30, 1992 to July 1, 1995
Adult Education Act, P.L. 100-297 as Amended by the
National Literacy Act, P.L. 102-73

Submitted by:

California Department of Education
Specialized Programs Branch
Youth, Adult and Alternative Educational Services Division


Chapter 7

Administrative funds are used for State staff to develop, implement and monitor the State Plan; establish and maintain coordination with local program operators and other state agencies; maintain the adult education data acquisition and management information system; and manage the process of reviewing and approving all adult basic education courses supported under the Act.

This chapter describes the planned use of Federal funds for the administration of the ABE program.

California will receive approximately $20 million in 1992 as its state grant under the Adult Education Act, [P.L. 100-297], as amended by the National Literacy Act [P.L. 102-73]. This section will focus on the use of funds budgeted for State administration costs. For the duration of the Revised State Plan the amount budgeted for State administration may not exceed five percent of the total State grant.

The State of California has designated the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, as the state educational agency pursuant to Section 312(8) of the Act and Education Code Section 33112(a), as the sole state agency responsible for the administration and supervision of the Adult Basic Education program. The general responsibilities fall within the purview of the California Department of Education, Specialized Programs Branch, Division of Youth, Adult and Alternative Educational Services, Adult Education Unit.


State staff assigned administrative responsibilities are the State Director of Adult Education, the Unit Manager, the Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA), and a Secretary. Their job responsibilities follow.

The State Director of Adult Education functions as liaison with the USDOE, coordinates with other states on common issues, and works with the Department of Developmental Services, the Employment Development Department and the Employment Training Panel.

The Adult Education Unit Manager provides leadership and management functions for a set of educational programs which focus on a number of diverse client groups and alternative learning styles. The Manager coordinates resources and articulates the activities of unit personnel to effectively provide for appropriate regulatory, program development, staff development, technical assistance and evaluative activities as they support the Department's mission and operational objectives. The Manager supervises six Adult Education Specialists (Consultants) in their work which includes staff development, dissemination, and technical assistance.

The Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) assists in the performance of professional educational duties related to adult education programs and projects, with special emphasis on adult education data management and fiscal monitoring. The Secretary types correspondence, reports, and other materials, answers telephones and routes calls, prepares time sheets, and makes travel and meeting arrangements.


The general administrative responsibilities of the Adult Education Unit include:

As indicated in Chapter VI, federal monies will be spent on local assistance grants, ancillary services, demonstration grants, and state administration.


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