June 30, 1992 to July 1, 1995
Adult Education Act, P.L. 100-297 as Amended by the
National Literacy Act, P.L. 102-73

Submitted by:

California Department of Education
Specialized Programs Branch
Youth, Adult and Alternative Educational Services Division
Adult Education Unit


Chapter 2


Compliance with the Adult Education Act and applicable regulations require certifications of legal authority, assurance of intergovernment review, various program assurances as to how the program will be administered, and a description of the procedures used by the state in formulating the State Plan.

This section provides general certifications and assurances that are required to comply with the Adult Education Act and applicable regulations. It also describes the procedures used by the California Department of Education (CDE) in formulating this Plan, including outreach activities and review by public groups and official agencies.

General State Application


I, Joseph R. Symkowick, hereby certify that the state educational agency named in the attached Program Plan for Adult Education under the Adult Education Act [P.L. 100-297], as amended by the National Literacy Act [P.L. 102-73], is the agency responsible for the administration of said Program Plan; that said state agency has authority under state law to develop, submit, and administer, either directly or through arrangements with other state or local public agencies, the Program Plan; that this state has authority under state law to carry out the Program Plan as set forth therein; that the State Controller has authority under state law to receive, hold, and disburse in accordance with the Program Plan funds received under said Adult Education Act [P.L. 100-297], as amended by the National Literacy Act [102-73], and that all provisions of said Program Plan are consistent with state law, and that this Plan is the basis for the state operation and administration of the federally funded program for adult education.

Joseph R. Symkowick                Date
Chief Counsel
California Department of Education

Intergovernmental Review

In order to facilitate coordinated review by various State agencies, the State Plan was sent on to the Grants Coordinator of the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, which serves as the State's "single point of contact."

Program Assurances

This State Plan incorporates all necessary program assurances that the following will be addressed by the California Department of Education (CDE) in the development and implementation of the Adult Education Act:

Formulation of State Plan

The procedures for formulating the State Plan, including the outreach and review process, appear in the next chapter, "Public and Private Sector Involvement." The responses to the public input sessions are provided in Appendix 1. Comments received from State agencies mandated to review the Plan, along with the California Department of Education's response to the comments, appear in Appendix 2. Communication of the Plan to the Office of the Governor as the "Single Point of Contact" appears in Appendix 3.


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