June 30, 1992 to July 1, 1995
Adult Education Act, P.L. 100-297 as Amended by the
National Literacy Act, P.L. 102-73

Submitted by:

California Department of Education
Specialized Programs Branch
Youth, Adult and Alternative Educational Services Division
Adult Education Unit


Chapter 1


In addition to providing a legal basis for receiving and expending federal funds for Adult Basic Education, this revision of the California State Plan for Adult Basic Education: July 1, 1989 to June 30, 1993 is a means to facilitate communication and program support through the involvement of local adult educators and the communities and constituents whom they serve.

Since 1966 California has participated in a federal grants to states program under the Adult Education Act [PL 89-750, as amended]. This Act encourages the expansion of educational opportunities to enable adults to acquire basic literacy skills, continue their education to at least the high school completion level, and secure training and education that will enable them to become more employable, productive and responsible citizens.

The National Literacy Act [P.L. 102-73] is the latest amendment of the Adult Education Act which governs various adult education and literacy programs. The National Literacy Act requires the State Agency to rewrite the current California State Plan for Adult Basic Education. The Revised State Plan extends the current State Plan to June, 1995. The Revised State Plan is a statement about how California intends to meet these federal goals.

Purposes of Plan

This State Plan for Adult Basic Education provides the legal basis on which the California Department of Education (CDE), through the State Superintendent of Public Instruction as the state educational agency, will qualify to receive federal allocations for basic education programs under the Adult Education Act, as amended by the National Literacy Act [P.L. 102-73]. The Plan provides a comprehensive statement of CDE's goals, objectives, priorities, and methods of administering the program. As such, the Plan provides a basis for common understanding among CDE, other participating entities, the U.S. Department of Education, program reviewers and auditors.

In addition to satisfying legal requirements, this Plan is a means to facilitate communication and program support through the involvement of local adult education teachers and administrators, advisory or planning representatives, and other State and local decision makers in developing, reviewing and implementing the State Plan.

Relationship with Strategic Plan

This State Plan has been designed with the long-term needs and goals of adult education in mind. These long-term needs were assessed and strategies to meet them were developed in the course of preparing a strategic plan for California adult education.1 The needs and goals from the strategic plan are similar to the ones in the Revised State Plan. The program objectives and activities for this Revised State Plan, therefore, were conceived as steps toward the achievement of the State's long-range vision of adult education in the 21st Century.

Organization of Plan

There are 18 chapters in this Plan. An overview of the contents follows:

Chapters: Content:
1 Introduction
2 and 3
General Certifications,
Assurances, and Methods
of Plan Development
4 and 5
Previous Accomplishments and
Assessment of Current Needs
6 and 7
Goals, Activities and Resources of
Plan and State Administration
Process for Approving Local
9 thru 13
Features of Plan, Including
Instructional Resources, Outreach and
Expansion, Coordination, and
14 Demonstrations and Staff Development
15 Institutionalized Persons
16 Evaluation
17 thru 18 English Literacy, Workforce Literacy

Appendices have been attached to provide elaborations as needed.

[Note: Appendices are not included in this electronic version]

1 Adult Education for the 21st Century: Strategic Plan to Meet California's Long-Term Adult Education Needs, Advisory Committee on Adult Education, Sacramento, May 1989.


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