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Quizlet Quick Tips to Engage Students

Friday, March 9, 2018
Session 4: 3:20–4:20 PM, Room 3
mickey obermire
Clovis Unified School District

Demonstration (1 hour)

Quizlet is a miracle for all kinds of learning. Learn how to create sets that can be used in your next class session. Students are able to use 5 different ways to learn materials that can include terms, definitions, images, and YOUR voice to guide them through their learning. Once learned, they can use this information to play 2 interactive games. Then, in class, they can use Quizlet Live as a group interactive learning activity.

Audience: All
Program: ABE, ASE, CTE, ESL
Category: BL, DL, PAC, TI

ABE: Adult Basic Education
ASE: Adult Secondary Education
CTE: Career Technical Education
ESL: English as a Second Language
BL: Blended/Online Learning
DL: Distance Learning
PAC: Program Administration and Coordination
TI: Technology Integration in the Classroom

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