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Google Tools & Drive II

March 13, 2015
Session 4: 4:15–5:15 PM, Lab Portable B
melinda holt
Melinda Holt
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network

Hands-on Computer Lab Workshop (1 hour)

This presentation will show more advanced details and settings of Google Drive and its Apps. Advanced share settings and Installing Add-ons into the Drive to enhance documents will be shown as well as advanced formatting and saving Forms. Uploading different files as well as entire folders, synchronization of devices, installation Drive and Apps, and using Google Templates will all be modeled. It's easy and it's free! Let's get to Googlin'!

Room Monitor: Sandra Davenport

Audience: TEA
Category: BL, DL, PAC, TI

TEA: Teachers
ABE: Adult Basic Education
ASE/GED: Adult Secondary Education/GED
CTE: Career Technical Education
ESL: English as a Second Language
BL: Blended/Online Learning
DL: Distance Learning
PAC: Program Administration and Coordination
TI: Technology Integration in the Classroom

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