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Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will have already demonstrated enthusiasm for online learning resources in her/his own classroom, and leadership within her/his program, although she/he does not need to be in an official leadership position. It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge of a variety of technologies, it is recommended participants be comfortable with technology skills. It is more important to be ready and willing to learn and experiment, and be willing and able to share new knowledge and skills with colleagues. Some examples of desired technology skills include proficient use of electronic communications (e-mail, instant messaging), a high level of comfort using the Internet including Web 2.0 tools, searching, reviewing and saving useful education Web sites for classroom use. Strong file management skills are beneficial as well.

Agency administration must show a willingness and commitment to support their OTAC participant throughout the program year. This includes reasonable accommodations for online meetings, workshops and release time for the training events in Sacramento. Agencies may nominate one participant from their adult education program.

Only the applicant can submit their application for review. It is critical that you communicate with each other on the progress of the final application. Both administrator and applicant are free to revise their information as needed up.

The weighted criteria for selection are:


*This is not weighed as part of the OTAC application. It is designed to help aspiring online teachers gain a better understanding of necessary skills. It will be used to measure growth throughout the Academy.


Please submit only one nominee per agency. In addition to reviewing applications based on the above criteria, the selection committee will make an effort to ensure that participants represent a balance of program areas and geographic regions.

Additional Information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:
Penny Pearson, OTAN
(800) 894-3113 or (916) 228-2753 or ppearson@otan.us